Ravalika Medipally January 10, 2015

CM Raje has got free hand in the expansion of cabinet ministers. She promptly announced Otaram Dewasi as first Cow minister in India with extra charge of gaupalan department.

 Get latest news on first India’s cow minister. Since December 2013 Vasundhara Raje (Indian politician) elected as Chief Minister of Rajasthan. She inducted first expansion of cabinet with 15 new ministers to her team. When her party came to power as CM she quickly announced ‘Otaram Devasi’ as India’s first cow minister for the protection of cows later altered to a “gaupalan department”.

For the very first time Otaram Devasi (48) appointed as in charge of cow affairs in Rajasthan, India. Simply stating he is the first-ever minister to address himself as “gaupalan mantri” in country. Prior he is a member of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. From Sirohi in 2008 he was elected to the assembly again in Raje party (in 2013) elected as a candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party where he served as the chairman of Rajasthan Livestock Board. His community, Rabaris (livestock dependent tribe) usually addresses Devasi as Bhopajj or Priest.

The named given to him due to his dressing style where he looks similar to cow herd. Every time Otaram dresses up himself as cow herd like wrap with a long white cloth around his bare torso, red turban and hanging ear-rings along with a lathi in tow. In this type of attire he also walks into everywhere in Rajasthan even to the chief minister’s office.

Devasi is also appointed has minister of dairy and devasthan includes his primary responsibility i.e., management of Rajasthan’s Gau Seva Commission and Cow Conservation Directorate. He himself owns around 20 to 25 cows. “I have sought an appointment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the Union budget so that I can impress upon him on the urgent need to set up a cow ministry at the Centre,” Devasi tells.

“I believe if cows have to be saved then every state in India must have separate ministries for cows,” he says. Three months into his tenure, Devasi says he is proud of what he has done with securing the future of cows in this desert state. And he believes he has set up a department for rest of India to emulate should any other state want to follow this ‘Rajasthan Model.

“Cows have a spiritual importance unlike other livestock animals. They must be protected at any cost. I would request Modiji to ban cow slaughter and, if need be, introduce strong legislation for that,” he says.

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