Swathi November 5, 2017

Tata Capital is taking advantage of social media to give Personal Loans. We see contestants of reality shows, dance show, etc. ask for votes on TV and those who get maximum highest votes will win. Same way, people need to put on social media and gain some votes. Based on the number of votes obtained, Tata Capital will give up to Rs. 1 lakh loans.

However, people from families whose annual income is less than three lakhs can only get this loans. Applicants need to mention why they need loans, and the details will be posted on the www.doitright.in website for maximum 3 to 4 weeks. The links will also get shared in the social media. So only netizens will decide the fate of the applicants from now on. People who want to vote depicts his acceptance by commenting Salaam.

If the applicant gets a maximum number of likes and salaams, then they will be eligible to get Tata Capital loans. The main reason behind all this is the company is hoping to detect the fraud applicants. The advantage will also be the applicant too. Because the candidates who get more likes and salaams and become eligible to get the loans can get the amount with 2% less interest than average loan seekers.

“The practice is to improvise the process and help to attain trust of the applicants too.” Stated Govind Sankaranarayan, Chief Operating Official. Tata Capital has already registered and posted some people’s details and getting the salaams too.

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