Rama Krishna December 17, 2015

On Thursday Dibrugarh-New Delhi Rajdhani Express travelling from Dibrugarh to New Delhi caught fire. No casualties or injuries were reported.

Passengers sitting in the 2-Tier AC Coach witnessed fire as the train was about to reach New Cooch Behar station at 11:30 AM. As soon the train stopped at the station the passengers rushed down before informing the police. The fire tenders placed at the station immediately started dousing flames.

After dousing the flames, railway officials from various departments inspected the train and the bogie which particularly caught fire. It was thoroughly checked for almost 2 hours before it was given a green signal to continue its journey at 1:10 PM.

The air conditioning system was also checked to check for any malfunctioning but later railway officials told media that the flash of fire was due to brake jam. No injuries were reported.

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