Alekya Ettaboina July 24, 2015

A new study says that, E-cigarettes are just as an addictive as the real thing, it contains more addictive from of nicotine which is harmful for human body.

E-Cigarettes are seen like healthier than real one but the researcher’s new study warns that, E-Cigarettes contain the most addictive form of nicotine, which is the reason for major health problems.

E- cigs are electrically powered devices that simulates the feeling of smoking, it contains liquid solution and produce an inhalable aerosol without involving combustion and release combustion-related toxicants such as carbon monoxide and nitric oxide.

Earlier as per the pro-basing argument vaping proponents said that, e-cigarette doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and the type of nicotine which is found in normal cigarette is a highly addictive form and the type found E-cigarette is low addictive form.

But the new study says that, E-cigarettes has same amount of the most adductive form of nicotine which is commonly found in normal cigarettes. The research team from American University of Beirut and the center for the study of Tobacco products worked to find out the level of nicotine in e–liquids and to find what type of nicotine it contained.

In a research they revealed that three types of nicotine in e-liquids out of three forms free-base nicotine is the only one which can easily absorbed by the body, making it the most addictive kind.

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