APK June 15, 2016

Siblings Sonam Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor went for a vacation and Rhea’s swim suit pics have been uploaded on Instagram.


The Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor and her sister Rhea Kapoor has uploaded some of the pics that were taken during their vacation. However, the details of the vacation spent place and the number of days spent is not publicised by the sisters. The social media sites which the sisters have their personal accounts have shared a pic from the picnic spot.

The pic by seeing instantly will shock everyone. Yes, Rhea Kapoor looks naked. The pic was taken from the underwater  angle by her sister Sonam Kapoor. The waterproof camera has been used to show Rhea swimming in water without clothes. But it will be foolish if one thinks so. The swimsuits that come as naked coloured has been used by Rhea. Anyone who suddenly sees the picture will get shocked as the clothes are body coloured and clearly body tight fixtures. The body shape is clearly seen in the pic with and it almost seems that Rhea is naked swimming inside the water.

This fake pic is definitely a naughty act by the sisters Rhea and Sonam. Both are very close to each other and enjoy a lot. They spend the vacations together as revealed by Sonam. This fake pic is also uploaded by Sonam only.

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