Ravalika Medipally December 29, 2014

“SpaceX proclaimed that the stuff send by them into the stuff is not that much changed since 50 years as the multi-stage rockets had spent their fuel and already let the sections to low in the form of garbage.”

Actually, according to proclaims made by them, the multi-stage rockets had spent their fuels and let the other sections down. But, the SpaceX decided to put the base in a specified nice structure by landing it which is done on the tiny floating sea ship. They said that the takeoff is already decided and it should be on Jan 6th or 7th according to the convenience.


SpaceX Rocket Landing

The Falcon 9, base of the rocket section is of 14 stories long and can travel in speed of about 1.6 km per sec. SpaceX team said that it is very hard to control and stabilize the rocket back down. They even said, “It will be like trying to balance a rubber broomstick on your hand in the middle of a wind storm.” They targeted the rocket to hit for just 10 metres of wide and it will be in the moving stage as because it is on the floating barge. They estimate that it has the chance of 50 percent to pull on landing position.

Musk Plan

It says building a reusable rocket will save and reduce the large amount of money of space travel. That is not yet tried and is also very expensive. Currently, it costs easily upto $2K or even more to send a single pound of stuff into the space. The Musk just tends to generate the reduction in the cost which is upto <$1K. They said that if the plan fails in landing the rocket, they will try it again and they even said that in 2015, they plans to test the condition of it more than a dozen times.

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