Ravalika Medipally January 5, 2015

The Tata-Chapra Express in Bihar’s Jamui district was attacked by nearly 15 robbers last night who were armed and entered into four sleeper compartments of the express. See the bihar attacks.

About 15 armed robbers looted the four sleeper compartments of the Tata-Chhapra Expess. The incident was happened around the midnight in Bihar’s Jamui district on Sunday, yesterday. The men took away a lot of cash, ornaments from women and the other valuables from the passengers of the train.

This was happened at a short distance which is away from the Kiul railway station in Jamui, a susceptible way which has already met three brutal incidents of robbery in the train in the last week itself. Travellers suspected that the security people on duty inside the train let themselves to hide instead of standing against the robbers. The Railway Police which enters nearly after 30 min of the incident and make a fire of 12 rounds towards the robbers who were already managed to escape from the place.

This is the third thing happened in Bihar from last month. As the two were on last Friday, a worker of the Bihar Police was shot dead and another was decisively injured by the suspected robbers on board an express train which was passing through the state’s Munger district. Again on Dec 29th, an armed gang looted the travellers with the valuables that worth lakhs of rupees at the Bihar-Jharkhand border inside the Patliputra Express.

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