Prem Chand November 14, 2016

Thanksgiving Day is one of the well-celebrated holidays across the US and Canada. The people of United States of America celebrate this day as a National Holiday on the fourth Thursday in the month of November every year. The origination of the day is believed to be back in the year 1621 when pilgrims celebrated a good harvest throughout the year. Over the years, the importance of the Thanksgiving kept on increasing under the regime of Abraham Lincoln before getting formally announced to be celebrated in the month of November every day under the regime of Franklin Roosevelt.  

Celebration Ideas for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a mixture of showing your gratitude to the people around you who provide their support to you and also providing the less fortunate with as much help as you can do. You can celebrate the Thanksgiving Day using some of these celebration ideas:


  1. Organize team Activities

Everyone across the world holds an age-old custom of having lunch with their colleagues. However, you can try to organize few team activities among the people. There won’t be any need to involve the high amount of money in this activities. Everyone can create a small gift of their own and present to each other to show their appreciation towards them.

  1. Make a ‘Thank You’ Wall:

Creating a ‘Thank You’ wall around your workplace is an excellent way to show appreciation towards your fellow colleagues. Ask everyone to write some messages to each other across the wall. You may also give Thanksgiving greetings having Thanksgiving wishes, Thanksgiving quotes, jokes, etc.

  1. Telling your Story to everyone:

Remember the days back in your elementary schools when the teacher forced you to dress up like pilgrims and recite Thanksgiving Day stories? Try the same thing this year. But instead of the pilgrim’s story, tell everyone your story. Recruit a few co-workers to write up an act and perform it in front of everyone. Make it a nice gesture to celebrate the company’s history.

  1. Hold Festive Games and Compete in them:

Hold many small festive time games among your workplace people. You can try few games such as Pumpkin Bowling where you can roll the roundest pumpkin available to knock down pins across the room. Provide the winners of these games with the festive prize including pumpkin bread or cupcakes.


  1. Hold Recipe Contests:

You can hold a Masterchef-esque competition where all the people in your workplace can bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish. Setup a judge panel and mark the scores to find the winner. Give the winner a surprise – Send him back to home early!

  1. Sponsor an Event:

The Happy Thanksgiving day is not just about celebrating among yourself. This is the time to spread the love and affection to the less fortunate people also. Try to collect funds and sponsor a community event. Hold a silent auction or dinner and donate all the money collected to any charity of your choice. It would make their day.

  1. Go out and Volunteer:

This Thanksgiving day, instead of celebrating at home, go out to volunteer and visit shelter homes. Provide the people living there with food and clothes to help them life a better life.


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