APK May 18, 2016

18th May of every year is celebrated as the International Museum Day. Germany holds a special place for this event date.

Museums are considered as the places where the culture and many mankind and historical secrets and facts are preserved. The museums around the world hold the same concept. Amongst all the Germany has a distinct place for the museums and their upholdings. Many Poets and Intellectuals have born in Germany and also nicknamed as the same.

Let us have a brief look about some of the museums that exist in Germany

  • SPACE TRAVEL MUSEUM – This museum can be termed as the mirror image of space shuttles and the technologies that were used by many. This museum is situated in the Pranconian City. Hermann Oberth’s belongings are also preserved here. He is considered as the path layer for future Rocket science  technology in olden days. Apart from this Cumulus Rocket, Cirrus Rocket, Swiss Zenit Rocket and such other space rockets are kept in the museum.
  • BAVARIAN NATIONAL MUSEUM – Located in the German city of Munich. This is termed as the biggest Museum in entire Germany. This is related to the decorative arts. Built in the year 1885, the Art Historicals and the folklore collections are preserved in this museum.
  • MUSEUM FIVE CONTINENTS – This is the second museum that is located in the German city of Munich. Built in the year 1859, this preserves the Non-European Art works. This is also the second biggest museum in Germany. Around 2 Lakhs Art related objects exist here.
  • GERMAN STEAM LOCOMOTIVE MUSEUM – Located in Franconia of Germany, was built in the year 1977. Earlier to the construction of the museum, there existed a locomotive shed which was built in the year 1895. Nearly 30 steam locomotives are kept for display in this museum.
  • TOY MUSEUM – Located in Nuremberg of Germany, this is the world famous museum for toys. Built in the year 1971, this consists of the oldest and the ancient Arts and toys. This also consists the latest ones too.
  • MUSEUM BRAND HOST – Built in the year 2011 at the Nuremberg of Germany, this museum consists the arts of many prominent artists and painters. The latest and famous collections are kept here. Visual Arts Momento related nearly 100 arts of the Andy Warhol of America are kept here. Around 60 pictures of the American Photographer and Painter Tumbli.
  • MUSEUM ISLAND – This is the world famous museum located in Berlin. This is placed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This Museum Island consists of 5 museums – Pergamon, Bod, New, Altes, Alte. These museums consist ancients arts, statues etc.
  • BRAITH – MALI MUSEUM – Located in Biberach of Germany, this museum consists of the oldest, ancient, historical arts and objects.

As a conclusion, Germany lies as the world for all the museums. Hence a tribute to Germany on this day of International Museum Day.

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