Ravalika Medipally January 13, 2015

A single message on CENTCOM Twitter feed shivered the US army troop – ‘American Soldiers, we are coming, watch your back’. Someone hacked US Central Command twitter account.

The statement gave by those unknown persons made a huge to the Americans. They symbolized it as Isis, another name for the Islamic state. They hacked the social media accounts of military commands like YouTube and Twitter accounts.

So, they stopped their accounts for a few hours to get out from the risk. Some of the complicated military documents were also seen on the Centcom Twitter feed.

After some researches, the Centcom said that it was just a cyber-vandalism attack b any serious but not any serious issue of breach. They even stated that no effective bang and no confidential data were posted. But yesterday, the Twitter account became visible again even though it is inactive.

On this, the leads of the nation reacted so much and worried a lot. Because of this, the President of United States, Barak Obama tends to be dipped in the matter without letting any legal notice on to the public.

Unfortunately, the President, Barak Obama gave the speech about the cyber security. As per consulting the previous attack on Sony pictures, the President said, “The US had been reminded of enormous vulnerabilities for us as a nation and for our economy.”

In accordance with this statement, his spokesman, Josh Earnest stated that the US is searching an option into the Centcom hacking. They even proclaimed that they were regulating the level of the thing happened and there was a particular difference between a huge data infringe and the Twitter account hacking.

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