Swathi September 5, 2017

Recently we have seen a Delhi Minister Kapil Mishra made corruption allegations on Arvind Kejriwal to which the social activist Anna Hazare stated that he got saddened by that. He is now saying that if the allegations against Kejriwal are proved, then he must submit his resignation.

Hazare said that whatever accusations the minister made against Kejriwal, the only reason is to get him out of power. He asked if he knows that the chief minister has taken money exchange why hasn’t he called the police then. However, he also said that if the allegations are proved as true, then they will seek the resignation of CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal.

A minister from Delhi cabinet Kapil Mishra filed a case against Chief Minister Kejriwal claiming that he took a bribe of Rs. 2 crores from a cabinet colleague to which the Deputy CM Manish Sisodia refused.

Mishra filed 3 cases in CBI. One against Kejriwal claiming an exchange of Rs. 2 crores between Jain and Kejriwal. One on CM’s brother-in-law regarding a Rs. 50 crore land deal and another saying 5 AAP Leaders used the party funds for their personal foreign trips.

Karawal Nagar MLA who got suspended from AAP threatened to start a hunger strike from tomorrow if the details of foreign visits are not made public.

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