Sriram Kasireddy January 22, 2015

The messaging app, WhatsApp that is acquired by the most popular social networking site, Facebook last year is now to provide a service of sending messages through a web browser. Facebook that purchased the well-used messaging app for $22 billion in stock-and-cash deal is set on fire.

The popular 500 million users messaging app, WhatsApp for PC is to come with a new service on web. You can messages through web browser now.

The well-known messaging app is on web store now. WhatsApp, which has about 500 million users is now providing a service for sending messages on web through a browser.

The app that is acquired by Facebook last year for $22 billion is on vogue today to start services from the web servers which is at everyone fingertip with a Smartphone.

The web service will be as the app on Phone and need an internet connection to access similar to app but now in addition with a browser too.

People who are working with this messaging app told that their web client is an extension for mobile. It seems that the Web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device. It clearly projects that one can message through phone.

It is said that this app is currently on work with Google work and iPhone users can’t access due to Apple platform limitations.

The purchase of WhatsApp to Facebook is on the stunning growth of messaging on Smartphone. But it also encouraged analyst questions on the price paid by Facebook. It took a sequence of future plans for the service sold.

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