Sriram November 8, 2015

Amalapuram: An old woman from Kamanagaruvu village donated her whole property including her own land to Chittemma Cheruvu Panchayat for building a new Government school for children.

Now days many people like politicians and celebrities inspired by the film Srimanthudu and they come forward to adopt or help some villages those are economically backward. However, real Srimanthuralu was found at Amalapuram rural in East Godavari District.

Now days every one looking to grow up their financial status, but one old lady from Amalapuram did a great job to give her whole property to build up Government high school for her village. Coming to the news, an old named Ganikamma who belongs to village “Kamanagaruvu” near Amalapuram gave her whole property and cash to build a Government school in Chittemma Cheruvu.

Her husband was died few years back and now she is living in her relative’s house. According to the latest reports, Government Primary school in Chittemma Cheruvu village had removed by the Government officials due to road extension works. Now, there was no school and children who are studying in that school was at road.

So after watching this situation, she has decided to give her whole property along with her house which costs nearly 20 lakhs was donated to Chittemma Cheruvu Panchayat Raj for helping children for their education. She proved herself as a real Srimanthuralu for doing this wonderful thing. Everyone appreciated Ganikamma for her kindness. As per related information, she gave 5 cent land for school along with her own house.

She also requested to Panchayat people “Please build a new school on her name as soon a s possible; before I die”. So everyone in the village appreciated and facilitated her yesterday.

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