Rama Krishna December 18, 2015

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court had today refused to stay release the juvenile convict who is lodged in jail since the attack took place on 16th December 2012. The victim who was 17 years old during the attack and was a juvenile did not go through the judicial proceedings which adults go through.

All other convicts have received the death penalty. Since the convict is a juvenile, he was tried under the Juvenile Justice Act where the maximum punishment would be 3 years. Today during the hearing, parents of Nirbhaya were present in the court hall and were shocked to hear the judges verdict.

The mother said outside the court “Even, after all, our efforts, the juvenile convict will now be released. What message is this sending out to the public of the country? All I wanted was justice, but crime has won today. There is politics in the country and us innocent people are always sacrificed.” the teary eyed mother said.

Even the government supported to stay the release of the juvenile victim. Subramaniam Swamy a BJP politician has also written to the court that the juvenile was radicalized inside the prison as he shared a prison room with another convict involved in the Delhi High Court bombing. The court also sought an IB report on the convict if he was radicalized. Swamy also called him an animal and wrote to the court that such people can harm the society.

The convict will be released in three days on 21st December 2015.

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