Ravalika Medipally January 6, 2015

US, the White House committee stated that there is nothing to change the plan in asserting Afghanistan as the Afghans are only responsible for the security of their nation.

The White House companion of US raised an issue that there is no acceptance of any change that resulted out in the case of Afghanistan as they are absolutely responsible for the security issue of the country. They even highlighted, “What the President has been really clear about is what our strategy in Afghanistan is; that after the end of the year, we are now in a situation where the combat mission in Afghanistan for U.S. military personnel has ended.”

Mr. John Earnest, White House press secretary said, “The Afghans are now solely responsible for the security of their country.” This is the statement of responding for the query of new Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani in which he said, “The United States should consider re-examining its timetable for taking U.S. coalition troops out of Afghanistan.” To this, Mr. Earnest said, “There is an enduring U.S. military presence and NATO coalition military presence in Afghanistan to carry out two other missions.”

He added, “The first is a counterterrorism mission. We continue to see remnants of al-Qaeda that do have designs on destabilizing the region and U.S. interests.” “We also continue to see a need for U.S. military personnel to play an important role in training and equipping Afghan security forces to continue to take the fight to those terrorist elements and to preserve the security situation in the country of Afghanistan,” he said.

Holding the forces of coalition in US, Mr. Earnest said, “There are a lot of hard-won gains that have been made in Afghanistan as a result of the bravery of U.S. military personnel and our coalition partners. “Much of that work, many of those accomplishments are due to the effective coordination between United States military and Afghan security forces, and we want to see that kind of coordination continue, even as Afghans take sole responsibility for their security situation,” he said. He continued saying that the US will prolong to let the military personnel in Afghanistan to bring out both these missions.

He added, “The counterterrorism mission and the training mission, the training of Afghan security forces, is indicative of the ongoing commitment that the United States has to the government of Afghanistan; that we built a strong working relationship with the unified government there and the United States and countries around the world who have invested so much in Afghan security continue to be invested in the success, both political and economic, of the Afghan people.”

Formerly, the Pentagon repeated that the extraction of its crew from Afghanistan is on an agenda. “There’s simply no adjustment to the milestones. But I think what’s most important is that Gen [John] Campbell has flexibility within those milestone to flow forces out at the pace that he sees most appropriate based on conditions on the ground,” said by Pentagon spokesman, Army Col Steve Warren to the reporters in an off camera news meeting.

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