Sriram August 14, 2015

Chennai: Multi-talented Shruti Haasan’s International album is going to be released soon which proves her as a good music composer and singer.

Shruti Haasan is well known actress to everyone and is a multi-talented girl in many aspects. She not only proved herself as good actress but also as a good music composer and singer. Shruti shares news about her relations, latest, upcoming film news in twitter and always communicate with her fans.

In a casual ask me anything with her fans on twitter on Wednesday; Shruti leaked some news about her international album. She patiently relying answers to her fans, Actor cum Producer Vishal asked about the international Album.

Responding to actor questions, she relied that, “Very soon I will release my International album and it is on the way to rock all”. Answering a question about her favorite role, she told that she is always interested to play a rock star role and likes playing characters with grey shade.

Some fans asked her, “How is the working with Price Mahesh Babu? She said, working with super star Mahesh is simply superb and he was sweet and down to earth person, professionally he is much focused person” she added.

“Srimanthudu is a message oriented film with adoption of village. I liked the concept of the movie and it is a great experience of working in Srimanthudu with Mahesh. I am also planning to do a film with my sister Akshara Haasan. Very soon it will be made” said by Shruthi Haasan.

She also said one funny answer that, if I am not an actress, I would have been an Aeronautical Engineer.

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