Anand November 12, 2015

A research report by Dr. Fadel Zeidan reveals that doing mindfulness meditation can reduce mind emotional pain up to 44 percent. Se complete report here.


Dr. Fadel Zeidan has studied mindfulness for 15 years and observed how to improve the health with mediation. He is working at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center of Anatomy and Neurobiology. For improving the health of the people he found and designed a trial that included a placebo group.

According to his point of view mindfulness meditation will be reduced the pain more effectively than placebo. Placebo-controlled trails are recognized standard for pharmacological treatments and demonstrating the efficacy so that it is very significant.

The news has been published about that study participant persons who participated in mindfulness meditation get more pain relief than placebo. Especially, different patterns of activity have been produced by mindfulness meditation; it is showed according to brain scan and it is better than placebo reduces pain.

Zeidan scanned 75 healthy people’s pain free brain after recruiting them. He used MRI at the time of scanning those brains and people have 120 degree thermal probe pain full heart at that time. He gave four days of training and sorted them into four groups by researchers.

Zedan added that he want to be controlled regarding efficacy of mindfulness, to demonstrate its effectiveness they way also be restrained regarding it by making harder and harder.

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