Sriram Kasireddy June 23, 2015

Hyderabad, June 23: Tiger movie release date is fixed; Sundeep Kishan in lead role is making this Telugu film under the direction of Vi Anand.  The movie is an action, romantic based story.

After a success from Beeruva movie, Sundeep Kishan’s will be seen in his upcoming movie, Tiger that is set for release on June 26. Director, Vi Anand picturized complete movie on the story that is based on action and romance. Along with him, Rahul Ravindran, Seerat Kapoor are also starred in lead roles to make the film a complete one.

In comedy role, Sapthagiri did his job with perfection to make the audience smile at each and every scene. His previous film, Beeruva is a comedy and romance oriented which had huge collections at box office. Rakul Preeti Singh starred that film and palyed as his love interest.

Now, this film is going to hit Tollywood Box office on June 26 and expecting for huge collections as the previous one. Sundeep Kishan with his behavior and nature, interest towards acting is getting some of the best projects in the film industry.

Hoping for the best, the movie release should create a mark in Tollywood cinemas for comedy and romance.

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