Ravalika Medipally December 30, 2014

“As the controversial scenes are very interesting these days, here is the another one. The most controversial comedy film, The Interview revenue was about $15 million of online collection in just 4 days, from Dec 24th.”

Movie: The Interview

Release Date: December 24 ‘14

Starring: James Franco, Seth Rogen

 Here is the amazing news that brought a huge sensation all over the world in the film industry. ‘The Interview’ is the controversial comedy film that has made a huge online collection of $15 million in just 4 days as it was released on Dec 24th. This was recorded as the most downloaded movie in the film category which was more than 2 million times as of 27 December, building back a third of its $44 million budget.

The story of the film is about an imaginary American scheme to kill the North Korean famous leader Kim Jong-un which had formerly been got out from the release of the film towards the security qualms. It really brought a huge worry to the North Korea and may have knotted a cyber attack on Sony Company because of this. The lacerate, from a set calling itself the Guardians of Peace, got to the revealing of hush-hush information counting upcoming movie scripts, confidential emails and even the actor’s remuneration. Sony arrested the release after undetermined threats of attacks against US cinemas that which got out about 80% of them to choose against viewing it.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) later announced, “Its investigation into the hacking attack pointed the finger at North Korea. The country denied involvement, but described the hack as a righteous deed”. On Sunday, in a statement, Sony said, “the movie was made available in the US and Canada through Google services YouTube and Play, Microsoft’s Xbox Video and its dedicated website in HD versions for 48-hour rental at $5.99 and for purchase at $14.99.” This led the collection of $15m in just its first three days on sale.

There was even the hand of a reversible make-out for the film’s partial sovereign theatre release after the chief shackles held it out. The Sony’s shift to abandon the movie’s release had acquired the condemnation in the US adding from President Barack Obama, who claimed as “it meant freedom of expression was under threat.”

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