Alekya Ettaboina August 22, 2015

Popular messaging service WhatsApp has introduced several new features that can support both in Android and Windows phone. Check complete new features of this popular messaging app.

The most popular and frequently used direct messaging service WhatsApp has introduced several new features that can support both Android and Windows phone. It added the major updates including custom notifications, popup notifications, mark as unread, mute chat, low data usage and network usage to its new update version 2.12.241 and above.

New Features in WhatsApp Update

The updated version Android and Windows phone app brings the custom notification options to make chats more personal. Here is detailed description about new features.

  1. Custom Notifications: With this custom notifications, the messaging service WhatsApp has tried to make chats more personal, with this option now the users can keep a tab on their data consumption on voice calls. To access this feature, just tap the name at the top of chat. With this new feature, you can set different notification tones for different people along with ringtones and more.
  1. Popup Notifications: When we receive a new chat, we need to open the app to see it. No onwards we can set an option to show messages in the form of popups and even can reply without opening the app. This feature is only available for Android users not for Windows users.
  1. Mark as unread: This new feature allows the user to mark conversation on WhatsApp as unread and it doesn’t change the original read status of the messages. Chats which are marked as unread are highlighted in the chat list.
  1. Mute Chat: Is any of your contacts is irritating you? Then now you can mute individual chats with this new feature.
  1. Low data Usage: With this Low data usage you can save your data during WhatsApp calls if you use limited data plan without effecting audio quality. It is located under Calls tab settings, inside chats and calls.
  1. Network Usage: With this new service you can monitor WhatsApp data consumption.

Apart from all these major updates, the new version has some minor updates to the contact list along with the call interface. Users can download it from Android Play store.

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