Anand November 9, 2015

Tokyo: Japanese developed an app, it gives alert saviours because of automated external defibrillator and it helps the rescuers by lifesaving AEDs and cardiac arrest victims.


Technology is going speed by human beings, Japanese developed smart phone app, and it gives alert saviours because of has automated external defibrillator. If the person suffering with cardiac arrest is admitted into nearby hospital, it will send alerts.

People who have cardiac arrest outside the hospital can get the shocks with an automated external defibrillator by previous bystanders. Those persons will have a better chance for survival. If it is not possible to find community based AEDs, this new smart phone application helps the rescuers by lifesaving AEDs and cardiac arrest victims.

In Japan Kyoto University researchers has developed the app called AED – SOS, it sends the signals to saviours to protect cardiac arrest occurring persons. After that co – saviours will deliver needed AEDs to that place.

Researchers have tested this app whether it is working or not that app can find and delivering AEDs by participating candidates who assigned with AED – SOS group and without app.

Both groups who were having app and without app contributed in situation involving out of hospital cardiac arrests. Researchers found that AED delivery recognized cardiac arrest person’s average 133.6 seconds and without app persons 202.2 seconds.

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