APK June 18, 2016

The MINI’s Vision Next 100 Concept Cars are revealed. They have their own trademark and a mark of significance in the automobile industry.

The MINI’s Vision Next 100 Concept Cars are following the footsteps of  Rolls – Royce and BMW. Mini’s future Concept cars are not only handsome looking in their design but also clever in their engineering terms too. The cars have become one of the iconic cars in the world of automobiles globally.

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MINI’s Vision Next 100 Concept Cars are technologically so advanced that the users may just be amazed by the features that are offered by the MINI manufacturers. The features like a change in colour of the car on the go is not a normal thing for the regular cars. The colour preferences of the driver are stored in the cloud storage.

The car designer Anders Warming has said that the driver can influence the Cooperizer’s decision-making as the rotary controls allow adjustments to the interior ambience and driving mode. The user interface of this car is completed with projections directly on the road in front of the car. This is a semi or completely autonomous driving.

The latest and sophisticated advancement car is still not available in the market even for the affordable in its full strength. With many luxury cars that are present in the Automobile market, this MINI has its own place to capture. Always the Indian automobile industry and the market have a space for the new and upcoming car models.

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