Rajesh February 19, 2016

American elections have grabbed Christian religious head, Pope Francis into its jaws. Pope went on with the tide of the U.S Elections campaign by saying that Mr.Donald Trump, a candidate for the top post of U.S is not a Christian if he wants to build the walls between people on the basis of immigration.



The Immigration policy topic always plays a key role in U.S elections. In recent times there is as huge immigration from Mexico and Mr.Trump was against those. Mr.Trump commented that those who were migrating from Mexico , many were “Murderers and Rapists “.

Mr.Trump took no time to reply back on Popes comments by saying that Pope is acting like a Political agent of Mexico rather a religious head.

Pope, anyways referred this comment as one of the Aristotle’s quote – “Every Human is a Political Animal”.

The word war between these two has gained importance because of the elections that are being held in California where 78% of the population are Christians.

Anyway the Policy relating to Immigration policy and the future course of action declared by Mr.Trump, if elected as President has some agrees and disagrees among the U.S citizens.

Many leaders have their own analysis regarding Pope Views and Mr.Trump’s views on immigration issue.

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