Swathi May 27, 2017

It’s time to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are getting ready to celebrate the month of fasting in the name of Allah. Ramadan 2017 had started in various places in India from May 28, 2017, with different timings. And the holy month of fasting will ends on June 26, 2017 with the celebration of Eid.

The Ramadan Time Table 2017 for India is being circulated according to the Indian Standard Time (IST), and it contains the approximate timings of Sehri and Iftar with dates of Ramzan. Ramadan month is considered as the most spiritual month for Muslims. The timings in Ramadan Calendar are religiously followed by Muslims.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the Ninth month of Islamic Calendar. It is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting to mark the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to their belief. It’s an incredibly sacred time for Muslims who believe that during Ramadan that the Quran – the holy book – was revealed to mankind through the Prophet Muhammad.

As Holy Ramadan is the month of fasting for all Muslim around the India and the Sehri and Iftar timing is depend on Sunrise Sunset. Find accurate fiqa Jafria Iftar time, fiqa Hanafi Iftar Sehri time, Fiqa Jafria sehri time & fiqa Hanafi sehri time. Prayer is a key part of the Month.

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic Calendar and is obsereved by Muslims across the India as a month of fasting to commemerate the first revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad. Please refer to the below time table for Sehri and Iftar Ramzan Timings 2017. Every month in the lunar calendar is said to have  a cycle of 29-30 days and it will be celebrated around one month after the beginning of the Month of Ramadan.

The end of Ramdan is ended by Eid al-Fitr, which conclude of merriment and thanksgiving, with families and friends gathering to exchange gifts, enjoy food and festively decorate their homes. People who want to know about the Ramadan Schedule 2017 can get from our website.


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