Alekya Ettaboina September 28, 2015

Hyderabad: Two men set one of their friends on fire when he refused to give money for them, police arrested one of them and other one is absconding.

A strange incident came into light at Hyderabad that two men set one of their friends on fire over money issue. As per reports three are friends from childhood, two had asked money third one, when he refused they set him on fire.

According to reports Anand Kumar, Rakesh and Babar are friends from childhood. Rakesh and Babar had reportedly asked for loan of Rs 1 lakh over two months, their friend Anand said he didn’t have funds. Then, on Saturday night, the two friends got together and poured Kerosene over Anand Kumar before setting him on fire.

Anand Kumar suffered more than 60% burns and is in the hospital. As per reports the two friends were drunk when they arrived to Anand ‘s place on Saturday night. They took him out and agin asked for money, when Anad said he could not do it, reportedly Babar poured kerosene over him and Rakesh threw a lit match on him.  The police have arrested Barbar whereas another one Rakesh is absconding.

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