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Bathukamma Festival

Bathukamma is an auspicious festival which is celebrating every year with a bunch of flowers by women of Telangana. Newly formed Telangana state people and especially women of Telangana are enthusiastically celebrating this festival with decorating flowers in different styles. It is a symbol of Telangana’s cultural identity.


What is Bathukamma?

Bathukamma festival every year comes during the end of Monsoon and before the winter season. The festival is celebrating after the rainy season because the Monsoon season brings plenty of water all over the region and the flowers are also blooming in various colors across the region.


How Can we Make Bathukamma?

The people of Telangana is doing the festival with GunakaPoolu and TangeduPoolu and forming them into a bunch of flowers. The other flowers like Chamanthi, Banti and Nandivardhanam also used in the festival.


The women of Telangana are celebrating this by dancing and singing folk songs of the region. This festival begins a week before the grand “SaddulaBatukamma” which comes two days before Dussehra. On this auspicious day, women of Telangana go to their native places or to their parents’ home to celebrate the day. Nearly one week ladies of Telangana decorated a flower bunch with different types of flowers and played around them every evening in front of their houses or streets. After that, they immerse them into nearby water resources like ponds and canals.


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 On the last day, men from every house go outside collect a bunch of Gunuka and Tangedu flowers. They bring flowers to the home and make a big Bathukamma on the last day. The flowers will be arranged carefully in circular rows with different colors on a brass plate which are known as Taambalam. As evening comes, women put the big bathukamma’s in front their houses and called neighborhoods for participating in their event.


Bathukamma is a festival to get the relationship between earth, water, and human beings. The women of the region make “Boddemma” (an idol of Gowri made with natural Mud) along with bathukamma and dunk in the pond. People believe that when we dip bathukamma’s into water, it makes the environment much better because flowers will have purgative nature.

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