Rama Krishna

Rama Krishna December 28, 2015

New Delhi: The Centre has stated that LPG Cylinder Subsidy will not be given to consumers of annual income more than Rs. 10 Lakhs. This will be effective as new year starts, stated the Centre. Consumers who are earning taxable income of Rs. 10 lakhs or above will be forced to give away their subsidy as […]

Rama Krishna December 23, 2015

New Delhi: 10 people were killed after a Ranchi-bound BSF Superking aircraft crashed while taking off from the Air Force airport in New Delhi. The plane carrying 2 pilots and 8 BSF technicians were inside the plane. As the plane was taking off it crashed into Dwarka, a residential area in New Delhi. As the plane took […]

Rama Krishna December 23, 2015

New Delhi: The Parliament today has passed the Juvenile Justice Bill today in Rajya Sabha. The amendment comes at a time where there are immense protests going on across the country to amend the current bill for two reasons. According to the current Juvenile Justice Bill: If the convict is below 18, irrespective of the crime whether how […]

Rama Krishna December 21, 2015

Mumbai: Three Mumbai youth have been suspected to have joined ISIS, the dreaded Islamic State Terrorist Organization. However, no confirmed reports have been tabled till now. The Mumbai Police has suspected that they might have been radicalized in India over The internet and have secretly left Mumbai to Syria to join ISIS. The 3 youth are […]

Rama Krishna December 17, 2015

On Thursday Dibrugarh-New Delhi Rajdhani Express travelling from Dibrugarh to New Delhi caught fire. No casualties or injuries were reported. Passengers sitting in the 2-Tier AC Coach witnessed fire as the train was about to reach New Cooch Behar station at 11:30 AM. As soon the train stopped at the station the passengers rushed down before informing […]

Rama Krishna December 16, 2015

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has ordered the Centre to go for fresh testing of Maggi Noodles manufactured by Nestle. This comes after Maggi was banned in India for almost 3 months before it was lifted after successfully passing all tests. The current plea filed by FSSAI in the court orders for a fresh test on […]

Rama Krishna December 16, 2015

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has decided to pass a moratorium to ban all cars, trucks of diesel make and engine displacement of 2000 CC or more in New Delhi effectively till 31st March 2016. This will reduce air pollution to a large extent is what the Supreme Court. The apex court also observed that […]